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Acrylic Painting

Paint along with me! Watch my video demonstration of painting a pair of California Finches in acrylic paint and paint along in real time. The supplies you will need:

  • Canvas or some kind of surface to paint on (cardboard would work in a pinch)
  • Brushes
  • Palette knife (a plastic knife or spoon would work)
  • Palette paper or wax paper (or waxy paper plate)
  • Paint: white, black, burnt umber (dark brown), yellow ochre (kind of yellowy tan), primary yellow, primary or cadmium red, crimson red, and ultramarine blue.

    Here is part one of three:

Starting a New Painting

This is how the visible start looks (after my perfectly executed mental painting, of course). I’ve got my book pages down and I’ve drawn my dragonfly. I am trying out a new idea with the pages arranged haphazard – like a gust of wind blowing them away.

I usually have my whole composition decided before I start on the final piece. This time, I kept making decisions and changes as I drew! I didn’t want to damage the watercolor paper with multiple drawings and erasing, so I used tracing paper to sketch and then transferred the final lines onto the watercolor paper. For this painting, I placed the dragonfly first, then made the eucalyptus branches work around it.


Laying down some background color…

Painting, painting, painting…

Some definition and texture using Prismacolor and Derwent
colored pencils.
On the easel but ready for framing!