I love to work with clients and make an original painting with a unique story which includes personal and meaningful details. We collaborate to make the work just the right size, use particular colors, and even custom framing so it is perfect for the intended space.

Here are a few of my commissioned works.

“Hawthorn for Hope”
Commissioned with a specific book to be used for the background, particular color tones,
“Abide in Christ”
This particular painting has a great deal of symbolism and meaning for my client. The family hosted regular Bible study meetings at their home and wanted that reflected in this work. I borrowed some of my clients favorite mugs to include in the final work.
This painting was commissioned as a wedding present. The two mugs are placed almost as if they are embracing.
This painting was commissioned from a wife to her husband to decorate his study.
This painting was commissioned by a client who wanted a painting of her family heirloom teapot and teacup.