AJ Currado     fine artist

Pen and Ink

Montana Series


This is a new series which is still in progress. The images depict aspects daily life on a Montana cattle ranch. I visit this ranch yearly and have observed branding and participated in cattle drives. Rough worn leather, crusty boots, and faded jeans are all part of the package.


The drawings are done with a fine point, drafting nib and black ink.

Screamer Series


How often have you been asked "How are you?" when you're having a horrible day? Instead of divulging details to the asker, one often answers "Just fine, thanks." This is a series of work which explores hidden emotions. The drawings depict the inner thoughts while the titles show the demure exterior.

These works used ink and bamboo brush.

Miscellaneous Pen and Ink drawings

perfy mt-001 montana_pi montana2