AJ Currado     fine artist


I thrived in the art environment and used my time at community college to experiment in several media and styles. Drawing, painting, and even welding were all integrated to my developing art. I continued to take music classes and practice my violin when I wasn’t working on a new piece. This extra, creative outlet allowed me to step away from my art and come back to it with fresh perspective.


In 2002 I graduated with my associate’s degree and moved on to CalState Northridge. There I was able to refine my knowledge and begin developing my own technique and voice. Watercolor became my preferred painting media while charcoal and conte became extensions of my fingers for drawing. I studied the human figure to better capture living, organic lines. As I painted more expressively, my love of nature began to surface in my art.


After graduating from CSUN in 2004, I began to travel extensively. I spent nearly two months driving around America and Canada with a photographer friend. While visiting 33 states and two provinces, I was exposed to a variety of environments and subcultures. I began to notice more and appreciate the small details which make towns and people so distinctive.


These impressions found their way into my work. I began to work in series, creating little villages of art. A series on movement, a series on recycling, a series on violins, and so on. Each set of pieces draws the viewer in to a personal space where a central thought is presented in several facets. Usually, the work is on a very small scale to help bring the viewer in close and create that personal bond, a one-on-one communication with the painting.


Today, I teach youth art lessons from my studio. It is a joy to help young artists taking those first steps of discovery and self-expression. I also play violin regularly for my church.


I continue to be inspired by music, nature, traveling and those small, individual experiences which leave such lasting impressions on our souls.

When I began my college education, my main interests were writing, music, and art. Not sure of what I wanted to do with these, I took three classes that first semester: English 101, Music Theory, and Drawing. The English class was neatly structured with an organized syllabus, the Music Theory class was in a room full of electric pianos and stark white walls, but the Drawing class was completely different!  A huge, ugly purple wall greeted me upon entering, the floor was concrete and the tables dusted with eraser remnants.  And unlike the other classrooms, this one had huge windows looking out to a grassy, tree-covered area.  I knew this was the place for me.